About Lay Lay

Welcome to our world of feel-good clothing, where we celebrate the female form, nostalgic colors and prints, and the continual search for refined comfort. Traditional craftsmanship is seen through a modern eye to build effortless pieces that are thoughtfully made to live with you.

Design Philosophy

Our goal is to produce forever pieces––to be enjoyed for their beauty, durability, and countless styling possibilities.

Designed for all shapes, each garment is created with a free-sizing approach with adjustable wraps and ties to provide the ideal fit and flexibility in styling.

The collections explore our connections to the world around us, our community, and nature. Natural materials are chosen for superior quality, while craft and hand techniques are enhanced by a vibrant mix of traditional and contemporary culture. 

What We Are Made Of...

Our easy silhouettes are hewn from high-quality, ethically sourced natural fabrics. Each step of the design process is done by hand, including the print designs and fabric dying, through traditional batik method.  

We work closely with Thai artisans to create products that will stand the test of time through design and manufacturing integrity. It is our mission to keep tradition and high-quality craftsmanship alive. We feel strongly about the opportunity to partner with these communities, helping to shift their frequency from survival mode to thrive mode.